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Fan Can II

COPIE : 5000

Il Fan Can #2 comprende il Live della band tenutosi allo Slim’s di San Francisco il 10 giugno 1996 ; una VHS con diverse tracce e footage tratti da alcuni importanti avvenimenti della band tra il 1995 ed il 1996 , la T-shirt “Loadapaloozas Crew ” , un etichetta per portabagagli raffigurante lo Scary Guy ed un cartellino “Do Not Disturb” da appendere alla maniglia della porta ogni qual volta non si vuol essere disturbati .


London Astoria 2 – August 23rd 1995
(Sweatbox club gig, warm up for Donington)
Donington Festival – August 26, 1995
(Way too many drunk metalheadz throwing whatever they get their handz on…..definate fun factor. We’d have it no other way)
Tuktoyaktuk – September 2nd & 3rd 1995
(Say that fast three times after a pink of whale blubber. Gig with a few friends literally in the middle of no’fuckin’where!)
The MTV Motherload Contest at Louie’s Bar in Aberdeen, Washington – June 24, 1996
(We get a 3 day ride in a stinky semi with a pizza, and that lucky bastard gets all our gear?!!) …and much more crap you really don’t need to see.

CD : Live at Slim’s in S.Francisco CA 10 Giugno 1996

01 Fade To Black
02 King Nothing
03 One
04 Wherever I May Roam
05 Nothing Else Matters
06 Last Caress
07 Master Of Puppets
08 Overkill
09 Motorbreath


Etichetta per Bagaglio


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